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Guanyun leapfrog development and make new contributions to the general manager — the county talent outstanding contribution award winner, Jiangsu Kelunduo food ingredients Co., seal off

“As an employee with 26 years of service, the county outstanding contribution award, I feel very honored, very encouraged by the.” Yesterday, the county outstanding contribution of talent award, the general manager of Jiangsu Kelunduo food ingredients Co., a well-off in the busy work to accepted a reporter interview, revealed a entrepreneurial aspirations.
A review of the history of his growth. 1988 graduated from Jiangsu Institute of chemical engineering, I have been deeply rooted in the stage of industrial enterprises, has served as the Lianyungang city of Jinping chemical factory workshop director, assistant director, Jiangsu Debang group company branch manager, general manager of Lianyungang techsense Chemical Co. Ltd., general manager of Lianyungang Grant Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., Lianyungang Runpu food ingredients Co. company general manager. In the meantime, I led the team innovation, research and development of 4 new varieties of compound fertilizer, sodium phosphate, 5 new products and new products of potassium phosphate 3, make the enterprise full of vitality, has made positive contributions to the city’s fertilizer products development, phosphorus chemical industry and fine chemical industry development. Practitioners in the past 30 years, I have never left the profession I have learned, even in the face of some rare opportunities. I have always thought that can play the days and months multiplying, persevere accumulation is the basis of success.”
“In 2009, I actively respond to innovation in Guanyun Economic Development Zone business call, investment in new production enterprises in the production of food additives series products, the company only a year to build 7 production lines, the annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons. Since the establishment of enterprises, especially in the establishment of the “innovation is the eternal theme of enterprise development,” the guiding ideology, I and all the workers, down to earth to carry out the production and operation of enterprises and innovative research work. Only 2012 to 2013 invested 4 million 800 thousand yuan, the transformation of the potassium phosphate and iron products processing equipment, to reduce energy consumption by 40%, the quality of the products in the international leading level. In a short period of several years, the company developed and put into the production of food additives varieties of more than and 40, the products are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia, more than a dozen countries and regions, by the customers. 2013 in the overall economic situation is still grim situation, the company achieved sales revenue of 170 million yuan, 12 million yuan of taxes.” Feng said, “these achievements are closely related to the concern of all circles of society, and the efforts of all staff are closely related. It should be said, the county outstanding contribution Talent Award, the honor does not belong to me personally, belongs to all the staff and workers together with me.”
In an interview, said: “if there is no seal off Guanyun for the stage, there will be no development of Kelunduo food ingredients. For the city of Guanyun, to the people of Guanyun, I always have to repay, always work with a grateful heart, to lead the enterprise to innovate, continuously expand new areas of development, in return for looking forward to this side of Guanyun landscape. More to the point, the development of any enterprise cannot do without the staff of the wisdom and hard work, it is with the staff Kelunduo career to pull together in times of trouble, it is because of all the workers accumulate steadily, solidarity and selfless dedication, which makes the enterprise can be sustained, rapid and healthy growth, has become part of the innovation of enterprises in the Guanyun.”
In the future, a plenty of passion: “as a person in charge of the enterprise, I know the industry transformation and leapfrog development of the responsibility we must live up to weightier than Mount Tai, Guanyun people’s expectations, not to live up to the county government and the community of love, to lead the staff hard work ahead, Guanyun leapfrog development and make new work.



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