potassium formate,sodium acetate, ammonium acetate

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  • Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride

    Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride

    INDEXStandardRESULTSContent (MgCl2•6H2O) ≥%98.0-101.098.1ClearnessPass the test>0.5#<1#Br ≤mg/kg500<500Ca ≤mg/kg1000<100Sulfate ≤mg/kg50<50BaPass The TestPassKPass The TestPassFe ≤mg/kg1<1Al ≤mg/kg1<1As ≤mg/kg2<1Heavy Metals ≤mg/kg10<10pH4.5-7.06.45

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  • magnesium carbonate

    magnesium carbonate

    1、Chemical Name: Magnesium Carbonate 2、Molecular Formula: xMgCO3·yMg(OH) 2·zH2O 3、Molecular Weight: --- 4、CAS: 39409-82-0 5、Character: Magnesium carbonate (light density) is white, friable masses or unconsolidated white odorless powder. Relativ...

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  • calcium citrate

    calcium citrate

    1、Chemical name: CALCIUM CITRATE 2、Molecular formula:Ca3(C6H5O7)·4H2O 3、Molecular weight: 570.50 4、CAS:5785-44-4 5、Character: It’s white powder, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in ethanol. 6、Usage:It can be used as chelating agent, buffer, curing agent,espec...

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  • magnesium citrate

    magnesium citrate

    1、Chemical name: magnesium citrate 2、Molecular formula: C12H28Mg3O23 3、Molecular weight: 613.25 4、CAS:153531-96-5 5、Character: It is white or off-white powder. Non -toxic and non-corrosive, It is soluble in dilute acid,slightly soluble in water and ethanol. It is easil...

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  • sodium acetate anhydrous

    sodium acetate anhydrous

    1、Chemical Name: Sodium Acetate 2、Molecular Formula : C2H3NaO2 ,C2H3NaO2·3H2O 3、Molecular Weight: Anhydrous 82.03,Trihydrate 136.08 4、CAS: Anhydrous:127-09-3,Trihydrate:6131-90-4 5、Character: Trihydrate: It is colorless transparent cryst...

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  • Potassium  Acetate

    Potassium Acetate

    1、Chemical Name: Potassium  Acetate 2、Molecular Formula : C2H3KO2 3、Molecular Weight: 98.14 4、CAS: 127-08-2 5、Character: It is white crystalline powder. It’s easily deliquescent and tastes salty. PH value of 1mol/L aqueous solution is 7.0-9.0. Relat...

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