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“Happy National Day” Jiangsu Colundo organized a basketball friendly match

In order to welcome the 70th birthday of the People’s Republic of China, we will enrich the staff’s cultural and recreational life, give full play to the teamwork spirit of employees, and enhance the friendship and exchange between employees. From October 2nd to 3rd, 2019, the Corondo Group organized a basketball friendly match. The participating teams are the team of Corondo, Kexin and Shayingxi. The team members are actively participating in the competition with the spirit of “friendship first, competition second, and participation”. The game took a cyclical confrontation, ranked in the points system, and competed for the third place in the championship. In the arena, all the athletes are alive and kicking, and the heroic and heroic, every perfect match, every wonderful steal, every wonderful goal, set off one after another climax at the game site, from time to time ushered in cheers. After a day and a half of fierce competition, it not only enriched the amateur style and life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to join the sports. At the same time, it enhanced the friendship between the employees of the company and cultivated the unity and cooperation. spirit. With the love of basketball, the three teams demonstrated the unity and enterprising spirit of the Columdo people, the hard work and the noble quality of the first.



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