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Jiangsu kolod about the actual use in the introduction of ferrous sulfate


Ferrous sulfate is a single crystal blue green or granular, no smell. It is easy to differentiate in the air, if in the humid air, it will be the role of ferrous sulphate into brown ferrous sulfate in surface oxidation. The particles in water very easily become without a trace, but in ethanol was what almost no change. His solution will also in the air full of oxidation by oxygen in the air, if the temperature is relatively high, the oxidation speed will be faster. This is a reducing agent, has a very important role in the manufacture of ferrite, and he can also be used for water purification, application in ordinary life is still relatively wide.

Anti anemia drugs in medical blood agent, can be used to treat women with uterine myoma caused by chronic disease. Blood loss in city and industrial sewage treatment, he can also contribute to eutrophication, but also can prevent water, bring some benefits to the ecosystem. Based on agriculture, he is also used as a pesticide, wheat smut often appear, apple and pear appear scars, rotting fruit symptoms, ferrous sulphate can be solved very well. At the same time as fertilizer, can supplement iron plant, to prevent the plant because of the lack of iron and leaves lost green. But in the process of using, it should be noted that his use of pH in the range between six to nine, sleep temperature flocculation on its impact is relatively small.

The use of ferrous sulfate in agriculture, each decagram against two or three kg of water, spray directly on the page. During the journey in plant growth, a month to spray two times on it. As a fertilizer, water directly after watering the land, against three or four kg of water per decagram



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