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Ammonium Acetate

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Source:Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co.,Ltd Belong to:Acetates, Industrynews classification Release date:2017-09-18 Follow:226 Author;fuyang

乙酸铵GB code:Eighty-one thousand six hundred and one

CAS:64-19-7                                                                                                                           Chinese name:acetic acid

English name:Acetic acid                                                                                                    Alias:Acetic acid; glacial acetic acid

Molecular formula:C2H4O2; CH3COOH                                                                        Molecular weight:Sixty Point Zero Five

Melting point:Boiling point at 16.7 DEG C: 118.1 DEG C                                             Density:Relative density (water =1) 1.05;

Vapour pressure:39 C                                                                                                           Solubility:Soluble in water, ether, glycerin, insoluble in carbon disulfide

Stability:Stable                                                                                                                      Appearance and character:Colorless transparent liquid, pungent sour

Danger mark:20 (acid corrosion products)

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