potassium formate,sodium acetate, ammonium acetate

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Usage of Urea

1. special plastic raw materials, especially urea formaldehyde resin

2. some glue material

3. fertilizer and feed ingredients

4. replace the antifreeze of salt on the streets, advantage is not to make metal corrosion

5. strengthen the smell of cigarettes

6. given the industrial production of pretzels Brown

7. some shampoo, detergent composition

Refrigeration package composition by 8. emergency, because urea reacts with water and heat

9. diesel engine, exhaust gas, thermal power plant, especially can reduce nitrogen oxides

10. seeding agent composition with salt. ”

Over the past 11. to separate the paraffin wax, because urea can form inclusion complexes

12. refractory material

13. environmental protection engine fuel composition

14. teeth whitening ingredients

15. chemical fertilizer



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