Food grade potassium chloride, food grade trisodium phosphate, food grade zinc sulfate

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  • ferrous sulfate

    ferrous sulfate

    1、Chemical Name: Ferrous Sulfate 2、Molecular Formula : FeSO4·7H2O, FeSO4·nH2O 3、Molecular Weight: Heptahydrate :278.03 4、CAS: Heptahydrate: 7782-63-0; Dried: 7720-78-7 5、Character: Heptahydrate: It’s blue-green crystals or granules, odorless with astringency. In dry air, it’s efflorescen...

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  • potassium sulfate

    potassium sulfate

    1、Chemical Name: Potassium Sulfate 2、Molecular Formula : K2SO4 3、Molecular Weight: 174.26 4、CAS: 7778-80-5 5、Character: It occurs as colorless or white hard crystal or as crystalline powder. It tastes bitter and salty. Relative density is 2.662. 1g dissolves in about 8.5mL of water. It’s...

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  • ammonium sulfate

    ammonium sulfate

    1、Chemical Name: Ammonium Sulfate 2、Molecular Formula : (NH4)2SO4 3、Molecular Weight: 132.15 4、CAS: 7783-20-2 5、Character: It is colorless transparent orthorhombic crystal, deliquescent. Relative density is 1.769(50℃). It’s soluble in water(At 0℃, solubility is 70.6g/100mLwater; 100℃, 1...

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  • trisodium phosphate

    trisodium phosphate

    1、Chemical Name: Trisodium Phosphate 2、Molecular Formula: Na3PO4 ,Na3PO4·H2O , Na3PO4·12H2O 3、Molecular Weight: Anhydrous: 163.94; Monohydrate:181.96; Dodecahydrate: 380.18 4、CAS: Anhydrous: 7601-54-9; Dodecahydrate: 10101-89-0 5、Character: It is colorless or white crystal , powder or c...

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  • tripotassium phosphate

    tripotassium phosphate

    1. Chemical Name: Tripotassium Phosphate 2. Molecular Formula: K3PO4· nH2O 3. Molecular Weight: Anhydrous: 212.27 4. CAS: 7778-53-2 5. Character: It’s white crystal or granule, odorless, hygroscopic. Relative density is 2.564. 6. Usage: In food industry, it is used as buffering agent, chelat...

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  • tricalcium phosphate

    tricalcium phosphate

    1、Chemical Name: TRICALCIUM PHOSPHATE 2、Molecular Formula: Ca3(PO4)2 3、Molecular Weight: 310.18 4、CAS:7758-87-4 5、Character: It is a mixture compound by different calcium phosphate. Its main component is 10CaO3P2O5· H2O. General formula is Ca3(PO4)2. Molecular weight is 310.18. It is w...

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